Here’s an idea…

plano.jpgThough eBay (EBAY) lists lots of real estate on its site, a quick search of properties up for sale in Texas reveals zero listings in Plano. Maybe the company should rethink that, given this recent 8-K.

That’s because CFO Bob Swan, who joined the company in mid-March, appears to be having some difficulty selling his house in Plano due to what the filing describes as the soft real estate market there. So Ebay has decided to provide Swan with some additional assistance — up to $700K according to the filing — if the CFO is unable to sell his house for $3 million.

So what kind of house can you get for $3 million in Plano? A quick scan of lists exactly five homes in Plano in that price range, including this one pictured above. But like other places where high-end real estate has gone sour, there’s just not enough buyers. So perhaps Ebay should expand its Plano listings by 100% and try listing Swan’s house on its own site to see if that generates some additional leads!