Help wanted: extended family

Now that Joseph Rubinfeld has stepped down as CEO and President of Supergen (SUPG), not to mention as a director of the biotech company, members of his family are apparently looking for work. For years, at least six immediate family members have collected a paycheck from Supergen, including his wife, Loretta Kiler, his son, Steven and his wife, Kathleen, two of his daughters, Susan Iovino and Randee Rolens and both of their spouses. But in the company’s recent proxy, the company notes that Steven and his wife, Kathleen, as well as daughter Randee, are no longer employed by the company. Together, the three made nearly $400K a year in salary. And Loretta, who in the 2003 proxy, was described as having worked at Supergen for five years, drawing a salary of around $135,000 a year, is no longer included in the 2005 proxy, so she’s apparently looking for work too. It’s not clear from the proxy whether the other family members have also stepped down. There’s also no mention in the filings as to what the senior Rubinfeld, one of the original founders of Amgen (AMGN) who made $595K in 2004 and collected a $250K bonus in his role as chief scientist, walks away with as a result of his departure.