Heading south?

It looks like Starwood Hotels’ (HOT) new CEO will be spending a lot of time shuttling between Atlanta and White Plains. Last week, the New York-based hotel company announced that Heyer, formerly Coke’s (KO) No. 2 would be taking over as CEO. But the company didn’t mention that Heyer will be spending a fair amount of time in Atlanta — at least enough to warrant Starwood setting up and staffing an office for him there. Buried deep in Heyer’s employment contract is Starwood’s promise to quickly open an Atlanta office “in a location reasonably acceptable to the executive” and to staff it with an “executive secretary and such administrative personnel necessary to support the executive.” But don’t expect to catch Heyer on Delta. Like most CEO’s these days, Heyer probably won’t be flying commercial. Indeed, his contract also requires Starwood to provide him with a private plane for business-related travel. We’ll assume that includes trips between headquarters and the new Atlanta office.