Google’s offer letter to its new CFO…

Yesterday, Google (GOOG) announced that it had hired a new CFO, 10 months after George Reyes announced his plans to retire. As a result, most of the coverage, including this post from the LA Times’ technology blog, focused on how long it took Google to find Bell Canada executive Patrick Pichette. We’ll ignore for the time being that Canadian accounting rules are somewhat different from GAAP. Still, there have to be quite a few American CFOs who are a bit jealous of Pichette this morning.

But far more interesting was Pichette’s offer letter which provided some interesting details about life inside the Googleplex and based on a quick search, appears to be the first time Google has included one of these letters in their SEC filings.

Among the things that people were speculating over yesterday was Pichette’s background in telecom — at Bell Canada he was director of operations — and Google is working on its own mobile phone platform called Android. And while CFOs don’t typically focus on new products, Pichette’s letter specifically states that

“You are being offered employment at Google based on your personal skills and experience, and not due to your knowledge of any confidential, proprietary or trade secret information of a prior or current employer. Should you accept this offer, we do not want you to make use of or disclose any such information or to retain or disclose any materials from a prior or current employer.

There was also this interesting tidbit that Google requires all of its employees: “to read and sign the At Will Employment, Confidential Information, Invention Assignment and Arbitration Agreement as a condition of employment with Google” and that the arbitration agreement must be signed on the first day of work.

Finally, at the end of the letter, which was dated June 6, Google gives Pichette 7 days business days to accept, before the offer is revoked. But Pichette wasted no time and didn’t keep the company guessing. According to the letter, it was signed the same day it arrived.