Gold star wheels…

images5.jpegYou have to wonder what the other members — not to mention the valet — at whatever country club Comfort Systems (FIX) CEO William Murdy belongs to must think when he pulls up in his 1999 GMC Jimmy, which according to this site where I found the picture, costs $4,999. After all, Houston, where the company is based, is definitely a city that’s into their cars — so much so that they even have a museum devoted to art cars. But that’s exactly what Mundy drives, according to the proxy the company filed late yesterday. Given that the SUV, which the proxy notes is used for both personal and business use, costs the company less than $5K a year, Comfort Systems didn’t even have to disclose the perk. That they did and that it’s so modest is certainly interesting.

That’s also true for the country club, which the company said cost around $1,400 last year, or about what an annual family gym membership costs. At a time when executives seem to be more than a bit car-crazy — Visteon (VC), which filed its proxy earlier this week disclosed spending $62K on one executive’s car and Sotheby’s (BID), which filed its proxy last night disclosed spending $161K for car-related expenses for CEO William Ruprecht — Comfort Systems clearly deserves a rare gold star.

UPDATE: Dealing with a flood in my basement, so no post today (4/16). Back to bailing and praying that I don’t burn out another sump pump!