Footnoted partners with Research Edge

For the past five years, I—ve been digging through SEC filings and I—ve learned a lot about the difference between something that’s newsy and something that’s actionable. As I—ve worked to build the site and its reputation, much of the content on over the past 5 years has focused on the former. Today, I—m excited to announce something that will focus on the latter: taking the more actionable information found in SEC filings and pairing it with some cutting edge research and technology by partnering with Research Edge.

When I first learned about Research Edge last fall, I was immediately drawn to the hard-charging Early Look morning notes by Chief Executive Officer Keith McCullough, who unlike the vast majority of talking heads out there, actually knows what he’s talking about. Equally important, Keith has built a first class team that gets how technology is changing the way investment research is delivered.

Working together with Research Edge’s team of analysts, who focus on a growing range of sectors,’s will provide exclusive content on the Research Edge platform in real-time based on our proprietary analysis of SEC filings.

I hope you—ll consider subscribing to this new service. And for those readers who prefer the free content, my goal is to keep that content free, in my continuing effort to bring greater transparency to the markets.