Feeling kind of smug…

images-2.jpegThis morning, I’m feeling kind of smart, or at least a bit smug, given the news on the $200 price cut on Apple’s (AAPL) Iphone. As footnoted regulars may recall, I gave up on the Iphone shortly after experiencing numerous problems. It’s now clear that I couldn’t have been the only one since you don’t cut prices by 33% only two months after the product is released if it’s really flying off the shelves, now matter how hard Apple tries to spin it.

And spin it they did, judging by this Q&A that ran in USA Today. I particularly liked the part where Steve Jobs said Apple customers who had paid $599 for the Iphone were the victims of technology. As one of those people who plunked down $599 for the Iphone, I know I wouldn’t have felt that the two month advantage was worth an extra $200 (not to mention the cumbersome two-year contract on a sloooooow network). And, judging by the stock this morning, investors are also not taking the news too favorably. Om Malik has some details here on how to get the $200 back. Om, by the way, admits to feeling “shanked by Jobs” for paying the extra $200 for the device.

Of course, you know you’re in full spin mode when the Iphone price cut isn’t mentioned until more than an hour into Apple’s news conference yesterday, when Jobs finally gets around to discussing the price cut. But first you have to listen to the details (and lots of clapping) of new ring tones, new colors for the Ipod Shuffle, a few other things and the announcement of the new Ipod Touch, which actually does seem kind of cool with the mobile WiFi, assuming it works the way Jobs says it will in the video, and the deal with Starbucks (SBUX). With no 8-K to fall back on (at least not yet), investors are forced to glean the details from the video and the other coordinated coverage.

So apologies for feeling kind of smug this morning. I already got my $599 back. Now, if only I could get the day I spent waiting in line for the Iphone back!

UPDATE: Steve Jobs gives a mea culpa to the early adapters and promises a $100 credit, noting that “he received hundreds of emails from Iphone customers who are upset.”