Feel the love…

February 13, 2004

There’s no love lost this Valentine’s Day between two of the nation’s largest floral services. In its recent 10-Q, FTD Inc. (FTD) disclosed that Teleflora had filed a lawsuit against FTD on Dec. 30 claiming that FTD had hacked into Teleflora’s floral delivery software. Most florists subscribe to either Teleflora or FTD, both of which provide proprietary computer networks that enable florists to deliver worldwide. The lawsuit, filed in San Jose, also claims that FTD sales representatives induced Teleflora florists to cancel their agreements with Teleflora and switch to FTD. In the Q, FTD, which later this month is expected to be taken private by Leonard Green & Partners, said it may file its own claims against Teleflora, a privately held firm. Teleflora is seeking “in excess of $5 million” as well as punitive damages and injunctive relief.

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