For assistance, please contact us via email. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is footnoted?
footnoted is a highly acclaimed information service that uses proprietary search techniques to find both hidden opportunities and early signs of potential problems buried deep in SEC filings.

Who’s behind footnoted?
footnoted is led by author, reporter, and SEC filing expert Michelle Leder. A veteran business journalist in New York and elsewhere, Leder’s work has appeared in BusinessWeek, The New York Times, Portfolio, Slate, and myriad other business publications. She regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and other media outlets.

How big is your staff?
Michelle Leder leads a dedicated U.S.-based staff of SEC experts in producing footnoted. We do not outsource SEC filing analysis overseas, and Michelle personally trains, oversees, and monitors all analysts. We do not disclose our processes or staffing numbers, but the number of SEC analysts shifts based on our knowledge of filing trends and regulatory deadlines; it could swing from dozens to just a handful on any given day.

Why should I subscribe to footnoted*Pro?
footnoted*Pro provides actionable information for institutional investors, advisors, and other market participants. Finding these actionable tidbits is difficult and time-consuming, as it relies on spotting myriad patterns that are visible only after years of scrutinizing literally hundreds of thousands of documents. That’s where footnoted*Pro thrives. Our “Red Flag Alerts” and reports offer insight that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s why Portfolio called Michelle Leder “a national treasure,” and CNBC said that “Nobody’s better at spotting them than Michelle Leder at footnoted.”

What if I only want info on my portfolio companies?
In your footnoted*Pro account, you can upload your portfolio companies and choose to only be notified when content is published for those companies. You can enter individual tickers, or upload a CSV.

What is your publishing schedule?
Red Flag Alerts are released to paying subscribers in real-time, or as close to it as possible. Other reports are published as events merit.

How much does footnoted*Pro cost?
Access to footnoted*Pro is designed for institutional users and is priced accordingly. For more information on pricing please contact our subscription folks here.

Are there student or academic discounts available?
Unfortunately, there are no academic discounts. footnoted*Pro is designed for professionals and institutional investors.

Is there a custom-research option?
Please contact Michelle Leder to discuss custom research options.

What is your cancellation policy?
There are no cancellations once a subscription agreement has been signed and the service has begun. We do offer a quarterly subscription option for those who want to take footnoted*Pro for a spin before committing to a full-year subscription.

Do you offer a free trial period?
We do offer a trial period for qualified institutional investors. As the service is not designed for individuals, we are not able to provide access to individual investors at this time.

How can I learn more?
Please email us to discuss the service, delivery, and billing options.