Energy companies ramp up the slideshows…

Over the past week or so, we’ve noticed a number of energy companies filing Powerpoint presentations as 8Ks, so much so that we’ve wondered whether it’s some sort of requirement that we’ve yet to hear about. While the presentations each cover slightly different ground, there’s invariably a slide about what the change in Administrations is likely to mean.

Take this slideshow filed by Alliance Holdings (AHGP) earlier this week. The fifth slide is entitled “Obama and a Democratic Congress” and goes on to list positives and negatives and is similar to this slideshow that Alliance filed last week. One key difference is that the latest show lists two new negatives: union influence-card check (whatever that means) and something called new MSHA.

Alliance was hardly alone. Last week, Arch Coal (ACI) also presented at what Raymond James (RJF) billed as its “first annual coal investors conference” and also had its own slideshow and even went so far as to life Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s smiling faces from their campaign literature with a pull-out quote from Obama proclaiming that he “is a big proponent of clean coal technology”.

There was also this presentation that the Laclede Group (LG) gave to the CFA Society of St. Louis.

Then again, maybe all of these presentations are just the rush before everyone disappears for the holidays at the end of next week. After all, with both The Daily Show and the Colbert Report already on recess through the end of the year, can Wall Street be too far behind?