Davos in the filings…

Given the high-profile media coverage of the World Economic Forum at Davos — the CNBC interviews, the WSJ coverage and all sorts of live-blogging, you might expect Davos to turn up in at least a few SEC filings. After all, while some CEOs have been dropping out of this year’s events, others, including Michael Dell of Dell (DELL) are still “mingling” with world leaders.

Well, you’d be wrong. Both Davos and the World Economic Forum barely turn up in the filings, at least this year. Last year, when things weren’t quite as bad, it was more common to see 8Ks touting a particular CEOs presence at Davos, like this one from Caterpillar (CAT), noting that Chairman and CEO Jim Owens was at the conference. This year, Owens appears to have more pressing things to do.

I thought about this late yesterday when I was reading Business Week Online Editor John Byrne’s tweets from Davos. In one of them, he mentioned being lost and running into Best Buy (BBY) CEO Brad Anderson, who was also apparently lost. That Anderson was in Davos on the same day that Best Buy was announcing a new round of layoffs seemed like unfortunate timing, to put it mildly. Maybe that’s one reason why Davos seems to be mostly MIA from the filings this year.