Crocs & the Craftsmen Truck Series

Until today, I had no idea that NASCAR sponsored a truck racing series (the Craftsman Truck Series). I was further puzzled as to why footwear maker Crocs, Inc. (CROX) was a sponsor of the event. Fortunately, Crocs’ latest proxy solved the Crocs – Craftsman Truck mystery.

Turns out that Crocs’ $600,000 sponsorship of Germain Racing Truck #9 is on behalf of driver Justin Marks, who is the 26-year-old son of Crocs director Michael Marks.

In disclosing the sponsorship, Crocs noted “[w]e believe that a related person, Justin Marks, has a material interest in the sponsorship by virtue of his employment with Germain Racing as the driver of Truck #9.” Really, you think so?

To be fair, Crocs does engage in a number of sports marketing efforts, including sponsorship of NASCAR’s more popular Sprint/Nextel Cup series. And Justin is currently 17th in the overall point standings, the second-highest showing for a rookie driver in the series. Now, if I could just find out if he wears Crocs during the race…