Cooking up a tasty perk…

January 24, 2007

images4.jpgFrozen foods peddler Cuisine Solutions (FZN) has seen its stock price go into a deep freeze over the last year, but that didn’t stop it from cooking up a tasty perk for its Board Chairman, Jean-Louis Vilgrain.  Attached to Cuisine’s most recent 10-Q was this exhibit that spelled out the $10k a month Vilgrain will get for being Chairman of the Board.  Although that $120k a year may seem pretty paltry, per Cuisine’s most recent proxy, it’s almost as much as the President of the entire Company makes in salary each year.  For former CEO Vilgrain, it’s a much better deal than many of the popular consulting deals we’ve seen at other companies.  If last year is any guide, he’ll make that $120k for presiding over just four board meetings a year.  Now that’s what I call good eats.

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