CEOs vow to give up perks!

Earlier today, CEOs and other top executives at publicly traded companies rallied outside the New York Stock Exchange and demanded that investors let them start paying for all those weekend trips to the Caribbean, their Lincoln Town cars, their Manhattan pied-a-terres, their tax planning, their art collections, their golf club memberships, their special and super-special bonuses, and even their death retention benefits. The move came just a day after USA Today reported on all the super-fabulous perks many CEOs receive in addition to their substantial salaries, bonuses and stock options. “Many of us had no idea this looked as bad as it does,” said one prominent vice chairman, who declined to give his name out of concern that his company might realize he was actually doing some work — on a Friday, no less. “Many of us make a lot of money, even those of us who don’t show up at the office all that often. The least we can do is pay for some of this stuff, rather than sticking it to our investors.” Similar protests are scheduled in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco later today. Pictures will be posted shortly.