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Enhancing Jon Corzine in the filings…
July 8, 2011—Unlike Wikipedia, where a person’s bio can be changed with a few simple keystrokes, prompting all-out edit wars, SEC filings move quite a bit slower. Subtle changes usually take place quarterly, or even yearly, as opposed to second by second. That’s mostly because attorneys and others have to review those words to make sure that […]

Booz Allen Chairman’s side gig: airplane CEO
July 6, 2011—Few people will question the fact that running a company — small, large or somewhere in between — takes lots of hard work. So it always amazes us when we come across the type of disclosure we saw in Booz Allen Hamilton’s recent proxy on Chairman and CEO Ralph Shrader’s side business: running a company […]

Babcock & Wilcox exec gets his own Independence Day…
July 5, 2011—There are many great ways to observe July 4th, but regardless of how any of us marked the holiday, we bet that Michael S. Taff’s party had more pizzazz. In addition to celebrating the nation’s independence, he was very likely celebrating his own. Taff, 49, the departing Senior Vice President and CFO at The Babcock […]

Extraordinary medical coverage for an extraordinary CEO?
July 1, 2011—Lots of CEOs of publicly traded companies like to think of themselves as celebrities, but we can’t think of many other than John F. Crowley that can actually say that their life story led to a movie starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser. The movie, Extraordinary Measures, was based on a book about Crowley, The […]

Resort living at Athenahealth….
June 30, 2011—Here at footnoted, we’ve been known to enjoy summer weeks in Maine. Indeed, my screensaver serves as a constant reminder of one particularly nice vacation a few years back on Swan’s Island where the brain behind footnoted got to romp for several hours on a deserted beach. But as much as we like Maine, we […]

A (relative) bargain for Dynegy’s new new guard…
June 29, 2011—If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if the management of a company imploded, look no further than Dynegy (DYN), the electric utility that, once, kept company with the likes of Enron (in everything from the go-go energy bubble it burst, to allegations of price manipulation in California in 2000). In recent months, […]

L.A. to D.C.: $280 a mile at Northrop Grumman…
June 27, 2011—We haven’t footnoted Northrop Grumman (NOC) enough to truly call it a frequent flyer, but when the giant defense contractor appears in these virtual pages, it’s usually a doozy. Most recently, there was the sweet retirement package for former Chairman and Chief Executive Ronald W. Sugar, with its $5,560-a-day consulting gig. And back in 2005, […]

The new golden parachute: Apple’s iPad…
June 22, 2011—If two data-points make a line, according to the old reporter’s saw, three make a trend. And by that measure, we’ve seen more than enough executives heading out the door with company-issued iPads to make it a trend. So let’s make it official: If you’re shown the door to the executive suite, you can snag […]

Drilling for answers at Petroleum Development…
June 21, 2011—The past month has had its ups and downs for the shareholders of Petroleum Development Corporation (PETD), partly because of the market’s uneven jags, and partly because of transitions within the company itself. Yet for three of the company’s executives, at least, a nice financial cushion has surely made the ride more comfortable than it […]

Texan plays April Fool’s joke on SEC, investors with 999 billion shares
June 20, 2011—Footnoted regulars know that we don’t usually pay much attention to insider-related filings — those Form 3s,4s and 5s — which make up roughly 1/3 of all filings made to the SEC. Instead, we prefer to focus our attention on the roughly 400,000 other filings for a number of reasons, but mostly because we think […]