Breaking: Looking for more mice…

images-3.jpegOn Tuesday, we footnoted about how the House Committee on Oversight had invited the Three Blind Mice — that would be Countrywide (CFC) CEO Angelo Mozilo, former Merill (MER) CEO Stan O’Neal and former Citi (C) chief Chuck Prince — to appear before Congress on Feb. 7 and explain their hefty compensation packages.

Today, the committee is expanding the circle to include the heads of various Compensation Committees, including John Thain, who replaced O’Neal at Merrill, and former Time-Warner (TWX) CEO Richard Parsons, who sat on Citi’s compensation committee. Here’s a snippet from Thain’s letters (all six are largely similar and are available as PDFs):

All documents related to the compensation (including severance terms) of E. Stanley
O’Neal in his capacity as Chief Executive Offrcer, including minutes from compensation
committee meetings or board of directors meetings; recommendations to the
compensation committee or the board of directors; presentations to the compensation
committee or the board of directors; resolutions of the board of directors; employment
agreements and any other agreements (including severance agreements) related to the
compensation of Mr. O’Neal.

This might even be worth a trip down to D.C.