Financial Fine Print

footnoted* founder Michelle Leder is the author of the highly acclaimed “Financial Fine Print: Uncovering a Company’s True Value.” The book, which was designed to help individual investors navigate increasingly complicated financial statements and SEC filings, became the foundation for the footnoted* and footnoted*Pro services.

Among the praise and acclaim for “Financial Fine Print”:

“Leder provides some state-of-the art research ideas in a very accessible way. This is a first book that is a winner. The “financial fine print” here is readable, useful, and potentially profitable!”

“A must read for any investor serious about knowing what they own. With the help of some of the best financial detectives, Michelle Leder provides a roadmap for delving beneath the surface — where most investors dare not tread.”
 (Herb Greenberg, Columnist,, Fortune Magazine)

“Financial Fine Print belongs at your side before you read a company’s financial statement. It’s beautifully written, combining both warmth and clarity, and as easy to read as it is to understand. With a book as indispensable as this, there’s no longer any reasonable excuse to avoid wading into the thicket of footnotes before making financial decisions.”
 (Angele McQuade, Better Investing Magazine)

“Obfuscators beware! Michelle Leder has cracked the code. In this invaluable guide to combing the footnotes of financial statements for indicators of accounting tricks and attempts to hide the bad news needles in a haystack of numbers. This is a clear, sensible, and above all practical guide that will be indispensable for anyone who invests in, does business with, or works for a corporation.”
 (Nell Minow, editor, The Corporate Library)

“In my opinion “Financial Fine Print” is a must-read for any investor who wants to pick his or her own stocks.” (Pittsburgh Tribune, December 21, 2003)

“Financial Fine Print: Uncovering a Company’s True Value is one of the most informative books ever written for investors” (From the Foreword by Thornton “Ted” Oglove)

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