Boeing’s million-plus consultant…

Last August, Boeing (BA) announced a management reshuffling that included the departure of Scott Carson, who had been running the company’s Commercial Airplanes unit. The release, which was dated Aug. 31 — when few people were likely paying attention, given how sleepy things are at the end of August — noted that the changes would be effective the very next day. As the release noted, Carson planned to continue working through the end of 2009 to “ensure a smooth transition”.

Fast forward to yesterday when Boeing filed an 8-K with this consulting agreeement for Carson — something that we don’t recall reading about in the Aug. 31 press release. A quick scan of Boeing’s current releases also comes up empty, despite the fact that Boeing plans to pay Carson $1.5 million as a retainer over the next two years. As the contract notes, Carson will serve as a consultant through March 2012. In exchange for the fee, which essentially works out to his base compensation, he’ll be required to work “no more than 75 hours a month.”

Since it’s probably a pretty safe assumption that Carson was working 75 hours a week (if not more) when he was running the Commercial Airplanes unit, the consulting agreement works out to a pretty nice raise. We also didn’t see anything in the contract that precludes Carson from spending some of the non-Boeing hours — there’s roughly 730 hours in a typical month — consulting for anyone else.

That’s not to say the contract doesn’t have its restrictions. Boeing won’t pay for any alcoholic beverages and the contract won’t enable Carson to wine and dine on Boeing’s dime. Indeed, the agreement is pretty strict on this point, noting that “No entertainment is authorized under this Agreement and no entertainment expenses will be reimbursed. Entertainment includes the purchase of meals or refreshments for any individual (including Boeing employees) other than you.”

Still, given that this deal is essentially part-time work for full-time pay, we’re guessing that Carson won’t sweat too much having to dip into his pocket for some Glenlivet every now and then.

Image source: Glenlivet