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EZCorp’s Doozy $25K/Mo Housing Perk For Chairman
Days after we last highlighted EZ Corp., the company filed another doozy of a filing.
From $1 to $675K for new LA Times chief!
When the LA Times named a new publisher and CEO last week, it was widely noted that he once took a $1 salary. Not anymore.
EZCorp: The gift that keeps on giving
Some companies filings are gifts that keep on giving. Take pawn shop company EZCORP for example.
Walgreen’s CFOs: coming and going
Lots of news out of Walgreens lately, but we still found details in an 8-K that haven't received much coverage.
No penny-pinching at Family Dollar
The CEO of Family Dollar now has $5 million reasons to be happy about Monday's deal.
Irony alert: A One-Time Benefit That’s Actually Three Times
Something's not quite right about the math at Scansource
A downgrade to first class for ex-Ford CEO
During his tenure at Ford Motors, Alan Mulally often flew the corporate jet. Now, as a Google director it's first-class.
Actavis’ pre-holiday dump
A filing made by Actavis just before the July 4th holiday caught our attention for its generosity to top executives.
Ralph Lauren serves up some beef
Buried on pg. 88 of the company's proxy was a beefy disclosure about beef sold by Ralph Lauren (the man) to Ralph Lauren (the company).
Expeditors: just don’t call it a golden parachute!
Expeditors explains why the $8 million it paid to former CEO Peter Rose -- was no golden parachute.