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And now: the game changer bonus
Reynolds American has come up with our new favorite name for a bonus: the game-changer.
Will Hertz’ former CEO wind up having to clawback?
Hertz blamed its former CEO for creating a pressurized environment at the company that led to overly aggressive accounting.
A very good thing for Martha Stewart!
Investors may be disappointed, but Martha Stewart is doing very well in the deal to sell to Sequential.
A very expensive year for Hertz
Yet another Hertz executive walks away with millions of dollars in severance.
Herbalife v. Ackman: Who’s manipulating whom?
In the 10-Q that it filed yesterday, Herbalife confirmed a DoJ query and accused short seller Bill Ackman of stock manipulation.
Warning signals in Yelp’s 10-K
On March 2, we put out a Pro report based on Yelp's 10K. That report is now available here for free.
Pier 1’s Not-So Confidential Agreement
Pier 1 is the latest company to file a confidential agreement with the SEC, providing details on its agreement with its former CFO.
Golden parachutes for government service?
A new shareholder proposal by the AFL-CIO questions accelerated vesting for employees at 4 financial services giants who leave to join the government.
An inverse relationship at J.C. Penney
Before he was replaced as CEO, Marvin Ullman was a very avid user of JC Penney's corporate jet for personal travel.
Hunting for Perks in Proxy Season
Proxy season invariably means the disclosure of some unique perks, including a hunting lodge at ArcBest.