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Transocean’s $10m dollar footnote
A footnote to a footnote spells out $10.2m in severance for Transocean's former CEO.
$5 M in signing bonuses for 3 Hertz execs?
Hertz waited more than a year to disclose hefty compensation for three executives it hired in January 2015.
A big whine by the big banks
Over the past 2 days, the three largest banks have all filed -- and complained -- about the current regulatory environment.
The red pen comes out for Apollo Education
Apollo Education's deal, announced yesterday, will result in nice payoffs for senior executives.
Is Warren Buffett trying to prop up oil?
So far this year, Berkshire Hathaway has filed eight Form 4s on Phillips 66, compared with 3 Form 4s for all of 2015.
SEC filings in 2015: a look back
More than 662,000 filings were made to the SEC in 2015, which is actually a slight decline from 2014.
The cost of security at Facebook
A series of comment letters between Facebook and the SEC raise some interesting questions about personal security for CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Drowning in adjusted EBITDA!
The number of times that "adjusted EBITDA" pops up in SEC filings has grown dramatically over the past few years.
New title, old salary at Ralph Lauren
Two days after announcing a new CEO, Ralph Lauren filed the 8-K that provided lots of interesting details.
Lithia Motors’ Emperor for Life
Lithia's founder and former CEO inked a pretty sweet transition agreement yesterday -- one that pays him 50% more than before.