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2016: The year in filings
There were 670,00 filings made to the SEC in 2016, with the largest filing over 3,330 pages!
The 2016 election in the filings
Three weeks after the Presidential election, we've started to see a number of disclosures related to anticipated changes, mainly as it relates to so-called Obamacare.
Apple grows its real estate holdings
A disclosure in Apple's 10-K shows that the company has increased its land holdings by about 50% in the past year.
One CFO’s revolving door
Ralph Lauren's former CFO ends employment at the company today, collecting $2.5m in severance. Next month, he starts at American Eagle.
Two favorites from the Friday Night Dump
Here's two filings that caught our attention from the pre-Labor Day Friday Night Dump.
More guessing at Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble is at it again: leaving investors to guess what kind of severance its most recent CEO will wind up getting.
A year too late for Barnes & Noble
In its proxy, Barnes & Noble disclosed for the first time that former CEO Michael Huseby received $15.7 million in severance.
LendingClub tries to buck up its troops!
LendingClub, which has been struggling, managed to give its top executives and directors hefty raises this week.
Yahoo gets defensive on compensation
A late Friday filing by Yahoo attempts to explain -- over and over -- why compensation was so high in 2015.
On tax inversions and relocation allowances
The current crop of proxies show how so-called tax inversion companies are not only avoiding taxes -- they're paying hefty amounts for their executives to live here in the U.S.