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The SEC and DOJ dip a big toe into FinTwit
Regulators seem to be spending more time on FinTwit trying to flush out the bad actors who pump and dump small, thinly traded stocks to their thousands of followers. My latest piece for Bloomberg Opinion.
Robinhood’s SEC and FINRA hiring spree
Robinhood, set to go public next week, has hired enough former FINRA and SEC employees to field a baseball team and still have 3 additional players.
Is it a cult or a group of investors?
A seemingly routine filing made late on a Friday led me deep into the wilds of FinTwit. My latest piece for Bloomberg Opinion.
Does your vote really count?
It's annual meeting time, which means its time to vote in corporate elections. But its hard to get excited about voting when companies routinely ignore the outcome.
On Roblox going public
When Roblox went public last week, it proved that getting the attention of the under-13 set is a desirable demographic.
2020: The year in filings
2020 was a banner year for SEC filings with the number of filings increasing by 11% last year.
On Tesla filings: accident or not?
Why did Tesla change the way it files earnings releases to the SEC last year?
2019: The year in filings
There were over 650,000 filings made to the SEC in 2019. Here's some trends that we noticed.
Facebook tweaks its language — again
At the same time it reported record profits, Facebook tweaked its forward-looking statements.
2018: The year in filings
SEC filings in 2018 dropped modestly for the second year in a row.