Back for another visit…

images.jpegIt’s been less than two months since we last footnoted UTStarcom (UTSI) and the stock has continued to decline. But that didn’t stop the company from awarding its CFO a $10 million “retention incentive” according to this agreement attached to the 8-K filed late Friday.

To be fair, the agreement is structured as an equity arrangement consisting of restricted stock, RSUs, performance shares and performance units, so it’s not a cash deal. But the company notes in the filing that it can change its mind and offer cash instead. As the filing notes, the first $2.5 million chunk vested on Nov. 30.

That wasn’t the only interesting thing in the filing. There was also a new change in control agreement for CEO Hong Lu that updated an agreement from January 2003. That’s the same Mr. Lu who, as we footnoted last December, had received a Wells notice from the SEC, which the company buried in a cheery sounding press release. There’s been no update since last December on the status of that. Yet it’s hard to believe nothing has happened in the past year.


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