Baby you can drive my car…

images1.jpegGiven Ford’s (F) earnings debacle last week, which the company said was due to its over dependence on gas-guzzling SUVs, one would think that Ford needs to do everything it can to sell more cars. So why is it giving away eight cars a year to the charitiable organization known as the Detroit Lions?

In this 8-K filed the same day that Ford released its earnings, the company noted that under a naming rights agreement amended last June, the company is required to provide eight "Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury brand vehicles manufactured in North America for use by the management and staff of Ford Field and the Lions". Under the agreement, the cars need to be replaced every two years for the remainder of the agreement, which stretches until 2027. The team’s majority owner, by the way, is William Clay Ford.

We’re betting that these cars are more likely to be Lincoln Navigators, as opposed to Ford Focuses. But who knew that professional football players, not to mention coaches and others involved in the NFL needed help with their monthly car payments?