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And then there were six: Copano is acquired

In January 2011, we forecast 10 takeover targets. Three companies on that list were acquired by April 2011, giving us a 3 for 10 record. Now, almost two years later, a fourth company on that list was acquired. Details and the remaining six on our list are inside.

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The retirement extras add up at Aaron’s …

There’s something impressive about a top executive who stays at the helm for 57 years. Charles Loudermilk Sr., the founder of rent-to-own chain Aaron’s Inc. (AAN) accomplished that, serving as chief executive from 1955 to 2008 and as executive chairman since then. But he’s stepping down on September 14, at the age of 82. No […]

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$13.22 (each) for his thoughts at Brink’s…

All those ambitious junior executives of America who aspire to become chairman or CEO should really set their sights a little higher — to retired executive and honored senior adviser, also known as “consultant.” Granted, being chief something-or-other pays better, but it surely involves more work in return, to judge from the consulting agreement snared […]

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Great minds at Google, Sprint, AMD & more…

Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a measure intended to try to slow demand for materials mined under often-brutal conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo and nearby countries. Essentially, it says companies have to tell investors if their products depend on gold, tantalum, tin, tungsten or other materials mined from those countries in […]

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Calling in a bonanza for Brightpoint executives…

On July 2, Brightpoint (CELL) announced it would be bought by Ingram Micro (IM). As far as we can tell, the acquisition makes sense on its face: Brightpoint provides procurement, logistics and other services to the wireless industry, and Ingram is a wholesale hardware distributor, and also offers marketing and logistics services. There’s another group […]

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CenturyLink’s billion-dollar pension “relief”…

There’s a lot of sturm und drang over pension plans these days. State and local governments are getting slammed because new accounting rules make their pension plans look less healthy (even though the underlying obligations aren’t actually changing). Meantime, private-sector employers have successfully lobbied for easier contribution requirements from the federal government. We’ll come back […]

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Retiring on $1,000 an hour at Kimberly-Clark…

There’s no question that top executives don’t retire like the rest of us: See Sam Palmisano’s nine-figure retirement package from IBM (IBM), or more recently, the $89,000-a-month “allowance” for former General Electric (GE) Vice Chairman John Krenicki, which Michelle footnoted last week. But less august executives can still rake it in on the way out […]

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Good timing (and bad) at Amerigroup…

Monday’s news that health-insurer WellPoint (WLP) would buy competitor Amerigroup (AGP) sent Amerigroup’s shares up 38% that day, and even drove WellPoint’s shares up more than 3%. Among those celebrating, presumably, were Amerigroup’s directors, an august group that includes in its number former U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow and oft-quoted Princeton University healthcare-economics expert Uwe […]