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Non-disclosure at Silicon Valley Bank?

We don’t typically write on Fridays because we’re so focused on the #fridaynightdump. But today’s decision by the FDIC to put Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB) into receivership really couldn’t wait until next week. That’s because it’s a critical lesson in what happens when a company fails to disclose something pretty important. I’m riffing a bit […]


Working the refs!

The rules (all 24 pages of them!) on when you need to file an 8-K are pretty clear: you need to file within 4 business days of a significant event. Many times that’s often interpreted as a “material event” as in materially important to the company. But that’s actually a much narrower definition and the […]

Fun with 10-Ks (I promise!)

With 10-K season still a few weeks away, it’s a good time to brush up on reading these hefty docs. Paying attention to specific words or phrases is one good trick to tell what’s on the company’s mind.

Does your vote really count?

It’s annual meeting time, which means its time to vote in corporate elections. But its hard to get excited about voting when companies routinely ignore the outcome.