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And the vote count is in!

Perhaps you’ve heard of a small company called Tesla that held its annual meeting yesterday. Although CEO Elon Musk claimed victory both before and after yesterday’s meeting, the actual numbers weren’t released until this morning in an 8-K filed at 6:02 am ET. Much of the attention leading up to yesterday’s vote was focused on […]

The definition of insanity!

For the past 13 years, publicly traded companies have been required to ask shareholders to vote on the company’s executive compensation plan. First introduced under Dodd-Frank, the 848-page law includes all sorts of different provisions, including the requirement for shareholders to say yea or nay when it comes to executive compensation. But other than requiring […]

Putting the pieces together

Earlier this week, Reuters broke a story about Biomarin Pharmaceutical attracting the attention of activist investor Elliott Management Inc. The news sent Biomarin’s stock up over 10%. As the Reuters piece noted, Elliott has been “in discussion for months” about the company’s future and had spent over $1b amassing a stake in Biomarin. So when […]

The Answer is Always Synergy

All the way back in 2004, there was a moment in the movie In Good Company where the CEO, played brilliantly by Malcolm McDowell, talks about synergy and the young boss, played by Topher Grace, parrots those words with a hand signal. I thought about that when I was reading this press release earlier this […]

Word soup in SEC filings

I know that I’m an SEC filings geek, but one of the things that endlessly fascinates me are the words that a company uses to describe when someone leaves a company? Was it a resignation? A retirement? A dismissal for cause? I thought about this a bit as I was going through the Friday Night […]

Good disclosure, or bad disclosure: you decide!

Every now and then, I come across a disclosure that strikes me as being pretty unique, which, given how long I’ve been reading SEC filings, is definitely worth paying attention to. That was the case when I read this 8-K filed by Church & Dwight (ticker: CHD) last Friday evening just after 4:30 pm. In […]

Work nine months, get $30m at Zoom

Like a lot of people, I spent a good chunk of the pandemic on Zoom, between my son’s online classes, my own meetings and just catching up with family and friends. Indeed, Zoom stock soared to over $550 a share by October 2020, roughly six months after everything shut down. Since then, however, the stock […]

Lots of perks in Meta’s proxy

Yesterday, Meta Platforms, the parent company for Facebook, Instagram, among others, announced yet another big layoff. This time, it was 4,000 jobs. In mid-March, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees to expect 10,000 job cuts and another 5,000 positions that would remain unfilled. Back in November, 11,000 jobs were cut, or roughly 13% of the […]


A Good Friday dump: Walmart vs. Capital One

Less than 10 minutes before the SEC closed on Friday night — Good Friday, in fact, when markets had already been closed for more than 24 hours for the holiday — Capital One filed this interesting little chestnut: Walmart Stores was suing the banking giant to end its multi-billion credit card collaboration. The deal, which […]