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The SEC and DOJ dip a big toe into FinTwit: Regulators seem to be spending more time on FinTwit trying to flush out the bad actors who pump and dump small, thinly traded stocks to their thousands of followers. ...
Robinhood’s SEC and FINRA hiring spree: Robinhood, set to go public next week, has hired enough former FINRA and SEC employees to field a baseball team and still have 3 additional players.
Is it a cult or a group of investors?: A seemingly routine filing made late on a Friday led me deep into the wilds of FinTwit. My latest piece for Bloomberg Opinion.
Does your vote really count?: It's annual meeting time, which means its time to vote in corporate elections. But its hard to get excited about voting when companies routinely ignore the outcome.
On Roblox going public: When Roblox went public last week, it proved that getting the attention of the under-13 set is a desirable demographic.
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Oceaneering International Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Wolverine World Wide Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Papa John’s International Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Access National Corporation: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Celanese Corporation: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
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Does Twitter deserve points for creativity?: Twitter's use of a new phrase in recent earnings has caught our attention
What to make of FirstEnergy’s latest warning?: A recent arbitration decision hurt the company hard. More serious problems may be on the way.
Valeant Investor Finally Faces Brutal Reality: In the case of Valeant, a major investor paid a heavy price for ignoring the company's endless Red Flags.
Alere And Why Missing 10-K Deadlines Matters: We take a closer look at late filers and why they're late (with XLS spreadsheet included).
DeVry settles big legal cases to focus on its other problems: Frequent footnoted flyer DeVry seems to be undergoing a renaissance of sorts. But can it last?
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