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Facebook tweaks its language — again: At the same time it reported record profits, Facebook tweaked its forward-looking statements.
2018: The year in filings: SEC filings in 2018 dropped modestly for the second year in a row.
Facebook pulls a three-card monte: Facebook tweaked its forward-looking statements when it released earnings earlier today to reflect some of the recent controversy it has been facing.
A Friday Night Dump from Community Health: A late Friday filing caught our attention for what it didn't say: why the CEO is paid the same even though the stock has dropped 90%.
Live tweeting the Friday Night Dump: We are now offering a subset of our Pro data via Twitter. Find out more by clicking here:
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Access National Corporation: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Celanese Corporation: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
PTC Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
United Insurance Holdings Corp.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Mattel Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
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Does Twitter deserve points for creativity?: Twitter's use of a new phrase in recent earnings has caught our attention
What to make of FirstEnergy’s latest warning?: A recent arbitration decision hurt the company hard. More serious problems may be on the way.
Valeant Investor Finally Faces Brutal Reality: In the case of Valeant, a major investor paid a heavy price for ignoring the company's endless Red Flags.
Alere And Why Missing 10-K Deadlines Matters: We take a closer look at late filers and why they're late (with XLS spreadsheet included).
DeVry settles big legal cases to focus on its other problems: Frequent footnoted flyer DeVry seems to be undergoing a renaissance of sorts. But can it last?
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