And you thought the Olympics were over…

On Monday The Knightspoint Group announced that it was putting up its own slate of directors at Ashworth Inc. (ASHW), the favorite clothier of the country-club set. Then late Tuesday, Ashworth filed an amended K to say it would (shock of shocks) be delayed in getting its proxy out and as a result, was providing the things typically found in a proxy, like compensation and options exercises and the like. But also included in the amended K was a series of amended change in control agreements that became effective Tuesday, like this one signed with Chairman and CEO Randall Herrel.

Just think about that timeline for a minute: the company gets a proxy challenge around noon on Monday and only 24 hours later, it manages to file — not just execute and sign — revised change in control agreements with 3 top executives and amended employment agreements with 2 executives. I’m betting that has to be some kind of record for speed.