And the most expensive city is…

images.jpegEach year, a list (ok — probably several lists) come out that proclaim the most expensive city in the world. One list puts Moscow in first place and Seoul in second place and there’s a more complete rundown here. On the Mercer list, London weighs in at No. 5 while San Francisco is all the way down at No. 34 (tied with Sao Paolo).

But in the proxy that OpenTV (OPTV) filed on Monday, San Francisco clearly trumps London when it comes to most expensive. That’s because the company is providing CEO Alan Guggenheim a $200K allowance to cover his housing expenses in San Francisco. Meanwhile, in London, the company spent $131K to provide senior vp Nigel Bennett with a housing and car allowance in that city.

So at least when it comes to OpenTV, the annual city rankings aren’t quite so accurate.