An ode to the corporate jet…

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending about four hours at the airport in Milwaukee, listening to the folks at Continental Airlines (CAL) make ever-more creative excuses about why the plane was so delayed. It started with weather and ended with the fact that the plane was only able to make right-hand turns. Or maybe it was that it couldn’t make right-hand turns. In any event, it wasn’t until 7 p.m. that I learned that my 4:45 flight wasn’t taking off that night.

After spending about a half hour buying cheese-related souveniers at the gift shop, like chocolate cheese fudge, my mind started to wander to the benefits of a corporate jet: the ability to show up just before the flight, getting real food, instead of Pizza Hut, and not having to go through extra security just because my flight was switched to Midwest Air (MEH) through no fault of my own. Suddenly, having access to a Gulstream seemed like a pretty cool thing. For about five minutes, I started to wonder if I was being too tough on CEOs and their high-flying ways.

Consider this my long-winded way of saying that there won’t be a real post today. I’ll be back with a regular post on Monday.