A summer sale that’s still going strong into fall!

Back in June, Eric and Alex Lidlow, the father and son at the helm of International Rectifier (IRF) embarked on a plan to sell some of their stock, often selling several thousand shares in 1,500 and 2,000 block increments in a given week. Just in September, the pair sold 20,000 shares, which turned out to be pretty good timing, since the shares have doubled since the beginning of May. In the disclosures, the Lidlows note that this is part of a selling plan put in place back in January. But shareholders looking for details on that plan won’t find them in the company’s 10-K filed on Monday. What they will see is that the number of options granted continues unabated. According to the 10-K, 15.27 million were outstanding at an average price of $31.13 at the end of the fiscal year ended June 30, about 25 percent more than at the end of June 2002.