A New Year’s resolution

Last month, when auto industry executives drove to Washington, D.C., they were ridiculed for driving after the earlier misstep of flying on their corporate jets when they could of just hopped on Northwest.

But just imagine if more CEOs decided to set an example by driving eco-friendly vehicles. I was thinking about that — in part because I’m still in the process of making my own long-drive back to New York — when I read this contract in an 8K that Clean Energy (CLNE) filed on Dec. 31 because it spelled out the type of car that the company has to provide to CEO Andrew Littlefair: “a compressed natural gas operated automobile.”

Now granted, given Clean Energy’s business model, it would be pretty ridiculous if the company provided him with, say a Hummer (as some other executives get, given how much we’ve seen reported for car expenses). After all, as we learned with the Big Three’s corporate jet fiasco, what you choose to drive often speaks volumes.

Still, at the start of the New Year, when resolutions aren’t such a distant memory, it seems like a hopeful start, especially if other CEOs start to do this too.