A hot ticket…

images-3.jpegForget about the Superbowl. There’s an even hotter ticket a few days later in Washington D.C. when the House Committee on Oversight will call what we’ll politely call “The Three Blind Mice” — that would be Countrywide (CFC) CEO Angelo Mozilo, former Merill (MER) CEO Stan O’Neal and former Citi (C) chief Chuck Prince — to explain why they deserve hefty severance packages, given their companies’ performance in the subprime crisis.

The “invite” to the Feb. 7 hearing is here and there’s also copies of the letters that went out to the 3 execs available there too. Mozilo’s letter, which can also be found here shows that this hearing may very well be a better smack-down than the big game that’s set to take place a few days earlier.