A footnoted contest…

Earlier this week, footnoted readers voted for the worst footnote in 2007, with nearly 60% selecting Qwest (Q). But all of the choices were limited to things that had been already reported on the site. Over the past few days, several readers have sent me variations of this story about Comcast’s (CMCSA) founder, Ralph Roberts, being paid for five years after he dies — a footnote I did not catch in my regular trawl of the filings.

That got me thinking about all of the footnotes that I miss or just don’t report on the site, sometimes for no other reason than because the company is too small. So I’ve decided to tweak the contest a bit. And this time, there’s a pretty nice prize: a free pass to the O’Reilly Money Tech Conference in NYC next month (a $2,500 value) where an interesting group of speakers will be talking about the intersection of money and technology.

The prize will go to the best footnote from a 2007 SEC filing that has not already been reported on this site. Send your entries to tips (at) and be sure to check the site archives first. The contest deadline is next Friday at 5 pm eastern. And now a bit of fine print: the prize is just entry to the conference and does not include transportation, lodging or other expenses.