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Hubbell, Inc.
July 18, 2013—

Curtiss-Wright Corporation
May 10, 2013—

Sohu.com Inc.
May 8, 2013—

Lots of activity at the Friday night dump…
November 13, 2012—There were a few things going on last week, most notably a Presidential Election and the continued recovery from SuperStorm Sandy. Throw in the fact that yesterday was a federal holiday and it made for a particularly busy night at the Friday night dump. Exhibit A was the 8-K that Citibank (C) filed at 5:11 […]

On equal pay and election day…
November 6, 2012—Today being election day, there’s been endless talk over the past few weeks about the women’s vote — waitress moms, Walmart moms, single women, you name it. Being a suburban mom who took my son to vote in his first presidential election this morning, I couldn’t help but think about all of this talk when […]

Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
October 15, 2012—

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Perfect timing at Microsoft…
October 10, 2012—One of the things we love to pay attention to when it comes to filings is their timing. If you buy into our belief that there are no accidents in SEC filings, that everything is there for a reason, you should also believe that this applies to when a company files something too. We thought […]

A buttery departure at Smart Balance…
October 9, 2012—Smart Balance (SMBL) is one of those companies I’ve followed for a long time because of its ties to my alma mater, Brandeis. As I footnoted in this 2010 post, Smart Balance was actually invented by Brandeis scientists, something that the school features prominently on its “Points of Pride“. So last week, when I saw […]

Lots of (metaphorical) cork-popping at Ebix…
August 29, 2012—Based on recent news accounts, one would conclude that things are going swimmingly at Ebix, Inc. (EBIX), an Atlanta-based company that supplies the insurance industry with software and e-commerce solutions. And based on an 8-K that Ebix filed late yesterday afternoon, we’d say that’s also true for the company’s CEO, Robin Raina. Just this month, […]

Shiny deal for Symantec’s new CEO…
August 24, 2012—A few weeks ago, Symantec Corporation’s (SYMC) board decided that enough was enough. After years of disappointing results under different leaders, the board fired then-chief executive Enrique Salem and tapped its Chairman, Stephen M. Bennett, to become the new president and CEO. The board also charged Bennett with the daunting task of turning the company’s […]