Numerous oddities in BMC software’s filings

Reading SEC filings is all about detecting unusual patterns and we think we’ve found some interesting ones in BMC’s recent filings.

Sears: 2 companies and lots of related parties

Sears Holdings and Sears Hometown have been two separate companies since Oct. 2012. But the related party transactions between the two are worth paying closer attention to.

2012 10-Ks: Healthcare, Venezuela & more

Our annual round-up on 10-K season found several recurring themes and a number of trouble spots on the horizon for the rest of 2013.

Is this media company a takeover target?

A late Friday filing by this media company caught our attention, both for what it said, and, perhaps more importantly for what we saw after we built our mosaic.

Accretive’s slow bleed bound to continue

The company’s latest attempt to provide investors with additional details about revenue recognition issues falls flat.

Late filers: who didn’t make deadline and why

There were 20 companies that were unable to file their 10-Ks for 2012 by Friday’s deadline, a sharp increase over the number of late filers last year. What’s behind the sharp increase?

A look at what Citi wasn’t saying

Newly released letters between the SEC and Citi highlight significant issues for the banking giant.

Uncertainty behind CVS’s rosy outlook

When we started to look into the 10-K that CVS filed 90 seconds before the SEC closed for the long President’s Day weekend, we saw a few cracks in the veneer.

Netflix gets aggressive (with the SEC)

The SEC is once again asking Netflix some tough questions about various metrics that the company seems unwilling to answer.

Tracking More Low Quality Pension Income

We’ve found several companies that are managing earnings by tinkering with pension accounting and assumptions related to retiree health benefits. The result is lower quality earnings. Who’s on our list?