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Yahoo gets defensive on compensation
May 2, 2016—A late Friday filing by Yahoo attempts to explain -- over and over -- why compensation was so high in 2015.

Warning signals in Yelp’s 10-K
May 1, 2015—On March 2, we put out a Pro report based on Yelp's 10K. That report is now available here for free.

From $1 to $675K for new LA Times chief!
August 18, 2014—When the LA Times named a new publisher and CEO last week, it was widely noted that he once took a $1 salary. Not anymore.

Proxy madness: mystery fees at Google
April 7, 2014—New disclosures in Google's proxy caught our attention and created a bit of a mystery on exactly what the company is paying for.

Safeway visits the Friday night dump
February 24, 2014—Grocery chain Safeway filed an interesting 8-K late Friday, changing the way it approaches severance benefits for top executives.

Flying at Starbucks: which number is it?
January 29, 2014—A disclosure in Starbucks' proxy about CEO Howard Schultz' personal use of a plane raises questions about the truthiness of these disclosures at other companies.

Groupon’s Friday Night Dump blooper
December 16, 2013—A late Friday filing by Groupon disclosed a pretty big oops that apparently took nearly a year to find.

The return of the mini-tender?
November 8, 2013—Mini-tender offers, often at a price below what the stock is trading for, used to be a lot more popular back when current stock prices were harder to find.

Meritor’s ex-CEO makes out by “departing”
June 11, 2013—Getting canned stings a bit less for the ex-CEO when it comes with a $1.3 million paycheck for the next 3 years. Plus, much more!

Big Lots’ big Friday night dump
May 8, 2013—We’re never REALLY surprised at the things that wind up in what we’ve come to call the Friday Night Dump — that 90 minute period after the markets close on a Friday, but the SEC remains open for filings. Our own research shows that nearly 9% of all 8Ks filed in a given week are […]