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From $1 to $675K for new LA Times chief!
August 18, 2014—When the LA Times named a new publisher and CEO last week, it was widely noted that he once took a $1 salary. Not anymore.

Proxy madness: mystery fees at Google
April 7, 2014—New disclosures in Google's proxy caught our attention and created a bit of a mystery on exactly what the company is paying for.

Safeway visits the Friday night dump
February 24, 2014—Grocery chain Safeway filed an interesting 8-K late Friday, changing the way it approaches severance benefits for top executives.

Flying at Starbucks: which number is it?
January 29, 2014—A disclosure in Starbucks' proxy about CEO Howard Schultz' personal use of a plane raises questions about the truthiness of these disclosures at other companies.

Groupon’s Friday Night Dump blooper
December 16, 2013—A late Friday filing by Groupon disclosed a pretty big oops that apparently took nearly a year to find.

The return of the mini-tender?
November 8, 2013—Mini-tender offers, often at a price below what the stock is trading for, used to be a lot more popular back when current stock prices were harder to find.

Meritor’s ex-CEO makes out by “departing”
June 11, 2013—Getting canned stings a bit less for the ex-CEO when it comes with a $1.3 million paycheck for the next 3 years. Plus, much more!

Big Lots’ big Friday night dump
May 8, 2013—We're never REALLY surprised at the things that wind up in what we've come to call the Friday Night Dump -- that 90 minute period after the markets close on a Friday, but the SEC remains open for filings. Our own research shows that nearly 9% of all 8Ks filed in a given week are […]

Friday night finds: the CEO guest ranch
February 15, 2013—Late Friday, heading into the three day weekend, Solera Holdings disclosed an agreement to rent a luxury ranch in Jackson Hole, Wy. from a company owned by its CEO.

United Continental’s trip to the Friday night dump
December 17, 2012—Here at footnoted, we’re always fascinated by the things that companies take to the Friday night dump — that magical window on a Friday night after the market closes, but the SEC remains open. It’s no coincidence that the number of 8Ks filed during those 90 minutes is significantly higher than any other 90 minute […]