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Lululemon’s timing not so sheer here
Lululemon's recall of see-through yoga pants have been generating lots of headlines. But in the midst of this, the company decided to give its top executives a bump in their bonuses.
IBM’s ex-CEO is well-decorated
In the annals of executive decorating, the disclosure in IBM's proxy statement filed earlier this week probably doesn't rank quite as high as former Tyco CEO Dennis Koslowski's $6,000 shower curtain or former Merrill Lynch CEO Jon Thain's $35,000 ...
Savoring juicy details on Heinz/Buffett deal
The merger proxy filed by HJ Heinz provides some interesting details on its $23 billion deal with Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital.
Ex-CEO gets 2 iPads and more as severance
Marsh & McLennan's former CEO gets two iPads, an iPhone, a Blackberry and a Bloomberg terminal as part of his parting gifts.
Whirlpool dips its toe into deficit debate
Whirlpool's stock has been on a tear lately, climbing over 40% in the past six months. So a new disclosure about concerns over deficit spending seems a bit unusual.
Friday night finds: the CEO guest ranch
Late Friday, heading into the three day weekend, Solera Holdings disclosed an agreement to rent a luxury ranch in Jackson Hole, Wy. from a company owned by its CEO.
Welcome to the New, Improved footnoted
Long in the works, our new site features deeper content, real-time updates, improved searchability, complete archival access, better organization, and a more user-friendly experience.
Early earnings oops prompts Google to DIY
Back in October, Google's third quarter earnings were accidentally released too early, creating a market meltdown that prompted Google's stock to drop over 10% in one day. Now the company is making sure that doesn't happen again.
And then there were six: Copano is acquired
In January 2011, we forecast 10 takeover targets. Three companies on that list were acquired by April 2011, giving us a 3 for 10 record. Now, almost two years later, a fourth company on that list was acquired. Details ...
Too early for worst footnote of 2013?
It's only January 18, but we've already found a strong candidate for our annual worst footnote of the year contest: the sendoff for the outgoing Executive Chairman at for-profit education company Apollo Group may prove tough to beat.