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Behind the wall: a closer look at taxes
We're making two of our Pro reports on unusual tax rates in the first quarter available to everyone today in light of the big WSJ story that focuses on this issue.
Meritor’s ex-CEO makes out by “departing”
Getting canned stings a bit less for the ex-CEO when it comes with a $1.3 million paycheck for the next 3 years. Plus, much more!
A sweet send-off at SLM (Née Sallie Mae)
SLM is sending off its former CEO, who built his own golf course to avoid the crowds, in style with a $6.7 million severance payment and lots of other cash too.
More fun with filings from Expeditors Int’l
Expeditors International is known for writing interesting SEC filings. But the one they filed yesterday is unusually pithy. If only more companies strayed from the "just the facts" approach, reading filings might be enjoyable for more people.
Off by $2 million at Northrup Grumman
Northrup Grumman has been something of a frequent flyer here at footnoted. All the way back in 2005, we wrote about its thrice (now quadruple-retired) CFO Charles Noski. There's also been overly generous consulting deals for other top executives, ...
Big Lots’ big Friday night dump
We're never REALLY surprised at the things that wind up in what we've come to call the Friday Night Dump -- that 90 minute period after the markets close on a Friday, but the SEC remains open for filings. ...
New details in Google’s proxy on Stanford, 23andme
Google's proxy had lots of interesting tidbits, including new details on payments to Stanford University and the Series D raise by 23andme in December 2012.
Microsoft’s game of bait and switch and switch
Microsoft reported "record" third quarter earnings on Thursday. In the same release, it also announced that its CFO was leaving. An hour later, it filed a second 8-K.
Superstorm Sandy boosts bonuses for ConEd execs
ConEd's recent proxy provides details on bonuses paid to the company's top execs as a result of Superstorm Sandy and several other significant events.
SEC opens the barnyard door on social media
As you've probably heard by now, on Tuesday afternoon the SEC said that companies (and the CEOs who run them) can happily tweet and post to Facebook and other social media sites to their hearts' content. Prompted in  large ...