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A pre-Labor Day dump from Fox!
Why is Fox creating so much drama over its new CFO's employment contract?
Was DOJ request really standard on Belo/Gannett deal?
In a press release last week, Belo and Gannett used the word standard to describe the DOJ's second request.
An expensive babysitter for Applied Materials
The company's changing of the guard will not be a cheap now that they're essentially paying for two CEOs.
More, please: Honest moments in SEC filings
What would happen if companies were really honest with their investors over why a director decided to suddenly step down?
On Jeff Bezos and the late-Friday Form 4
How much did a Form 4 filed late Friday by Jeff Bezos really foreshadow the news that he would buy the Washington Post?
Polycom gives cash and electronics to ex-CEO
Polycom's CEO, who stepped down on July 19 over expense report improprieties, is leaving with $500K in cash and a cache of electronics.
Leap Wireless deal brings our batting average to .500
The announcement late Friday that AT&T was buying Leap Wireless brings our batting average for our 2011 M&A picks up to .500
3 million reasons to hope for quick sale
If Reed Krakoff (the brand) is not sold by July 29, Reed Krakoff, the man, will lose $3 million in bonus money.
A happy ending for Belo execs post-deal
While the $1.5 billion deal to sell Belo to Gannett last month was widely viewed as good news for both companies, some executives have even more to celebrate, judging by the company's merger proxy.
Will Sandridge CEO really only get $90m?
Various estimates put outgoing CEO Tom Ward's exit at $90 million. We think the actual number is closer to $165 million, due to the tax gross-up.