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New details in Google’s proxy on Stanford, 23andme
Google's proxy had lots of interesting tidbits, including new details on payments to Stanford University and the Series D raise by 23andme in December 2012.
Microsoft’s game of bait and switch and switch
Microsoft reported "record" third quarter earnings on Thursday. In the same release, it also announced that its CFO was leaving. An hour later, it filed a second 8-K.
Superstorm Sandy boosts bonuses for ConEd execs
ConEd's recent proxy provides details on bonuses paid to the company's top execs as a result of Superstorm Sandy and several other significant events.
SEC opens the barnyard door on social media
As you've probably heard by now, on Tuesday afternoon the SEC said that companies (and the CEOs who run them) can happily tweet and post to Facebook and other social media sites to their hearts' content. Prompted in  large ...
Living large in Macau on Wynn’s dime
How much does it take to live in Macau? Wynn International executive Linda Chen seems to be testing the outer limit after Wynn Resorts disclosed spending $5.4 million on her house and another $9.3 million (so far!) to renovate ...
Devil’s in the details in Best Buy agreement
The devil's in the details in Best Buy's agreement with founder and former Chairman and CEO Richard Schulze. Some details are serious and others seem downright silly.
Lululemon’s timing not so sheer here
Lululemon's recall of see-through yoga pants have been generating lots of headlines. But in the midst of this, the company decided to give its top executives a bump in their bonuses.
IBM’s ex-CEO is well-decorated
In the annals of executive decorating, the disclosure in IBM's proxy statement filed earlier this week probably doesn't rank quite as high as former Tyco CEO Dennis Koslowski's $6,000 shower curtain or former Merrill Lynch CEO Jon Thain's $35,000 ...
Savoring juicy details on Heinz/Buffett deal
The merger proxy filed by HJ Heinz provides some interesting details on its $23 billion deal with Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital.
Ex-CEO gets 2 iPads and more as severance
Marsh & McLennan's former CEO gets two iPads, an iPhone, a Blackberry and a Bloomberg terminal as part of his parting gifts.