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Wells Fargo wins forward-looking statement award
Forward-looking statements, the boring boilerplate attached to earnings releases, are getting longer and ever-more ridiculous. But ignoring them carries risk.
2013: The year in numbers in SEC-land
Filings made to the SEC increased in 2013 and companies continued to dump information disproportionately late on a Friday.
The many joys of a dead week
An unusually long dead week between Christmas and New Years means that some companies are taking advantage of the calendar to dump all sorts of things in their filings.
Groupon’s Friday Night Dump blooper
A late Friday filing by Groupon disclosed a pretty big oops that apparently took nearly a year to find.
No time like the present at Aeropostale
There's been lots of interest lately from institutional investors in Aeropostale, which seems to be why the company adopted a new change in control policy.
Actavis at the Friday night dump
Late on a Friday, Actavis disclosed $14 million in retention awards for five top executives.
The return of the mini-tender?
Mini-tender offers, often at a price below what the stock is trading for, used to be a lot more popular back when current stock prices were harder to find.
The Unnamed Activist in Herbalife’s 10-Q
Herbalife's latest filing makes several new disclosures about activist investor Bill Ackman without ever actually mentioning his name.
Twitter quietly tweaks board compensation
Twitter quietly updated its S-1 late Tuesday, the same day that Apple made a big announcement about new iPads.
The government shutdown in SEC filings
Two weeks after the government shutdown began, what started as a few small companies issuing warnings has turned into much larger companies warning about the impact.