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What was Visa waiting for?
Visa's disclosure practices when it comes to executive compensation seem puzzling indeed.
Is Actavis’ new CFO Really worth $22 Million?
Actavis' new CFO stands to make $22 million according to a filing made on Wednesday.
What’s $8m to Google?
What prompted Google to forgive $8m in payments made to former Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora?
GT Technologies warned in August
GT Advanced Technologies most recent Q hinted at serious problems at the company.
Comment letter ahead of BofA’s $8M Fine
A comment letter between the SEC and Bank of America hinted at yesterday's $8m fine.
An unusually special award at Sigma-Aldrich
Days after announcing it was being acquired by Merck, Sigma-Aldrich decided to give its CFO a $500K "special bonus".
Evertec execs line up to enjoy Puerto Rican tax holiday
Evertec execs look to benefit from a relatively new law in Puerto Rico that gives favorable tax treatment to income from stock options.
EZCorp’s Doozy $25K/Mo Housing Perk For Chairman
Days after we last highlighted EZ Corp., the company filed another doozy of a filing.
From $1 to $675K for new LA Times chief!
When the LA Times named a new publisher and CEO last week, it was widely noted that he once took a $1 salary. Not anymore.
EZCorp: The gift that keeps on giving
Some companies filings are gifts that keep on giving. Take pawn shop company EZCORP for example.