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CFO Picks Doughnuts Over Steaks
Two filings made by two restaurant companies for the same CFO caught our attention.
SEC filings stats in 2014: a look back
We take a closer look at the numbers behind the 668,000 filings made to the SEC in 2014.
A big sendoff for Abercrombie’s CEO
Trying to put a dollar figure on Michael Jeffries' exit package from Abercrombie isn't as easy as it seems.
What was Visa waiting for?
Visa's disclosure practices when it comes to executive compensation seem puzzling indeed.
Is Actavis’ new CFO Really worth $22 Million?
Actavis' new CFO stands to make $22 million according to a filing made on Wednesday.
What’s $8m to Google?
What prompted Google to forgive $8m in payments made to former Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora?
GT Technologies warned in August
GT Advanced Technologies most recent Q hinted at serious problems at the company.
Comment letter ahead of BofA’s $8M Fine
A comment letter between the SEC and Bank of America hinted at yesterday's $8m fine.
An unusually special award at Sigma-Aldrich
Days after announcing it was being acquired by Merck, Sigma-Aldrich decided to give its CFO a $500K "special bonus".
Evertec execs line up to enjoy Puerto Rican tax holiday
Evertec execs look to benefit from a relatively new law in Puerto Rico that gives favorable tax treatment to income from stock options.