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Pier 1’s Not-So Confidential Agreement
Pier 1 is the latest company to file a confidential agreement with the SEC, providing details on its agreement with its former CFO.
Golden parachutes for government service?
A new shareholder proposal by the AFL-CIO questions accelerated vesting for employees at 4 financial services giants who leave to join the government.
An inverse relationship at J.C. Penney
Before he was replaced as CEO, Marvin Ullman was a very avid user of JC Penney's corporate jet for personal travel.
Hunting for Perks in Proxy Season
Proxy season invariably means the disclosure of some unique perks, including a hunting lodge at ArcBest.
Goldman Sachs says “People are People”
An interesting new disclosure in Goldman Sach's 405-page 10-K notes that the company's made up of humans.
A very good deal at Ross Dress for Less
How could getting paid $960K a year not to work for the next two years not be a Friday Night Dump?
Straight talk in filings?
Straight talk in SEC filings is almost as rare as hens teeth.
CFO Picks Doughnuts Over Steaks
Two filings made by two restaurant companies for the same CFO caught our attention.
SEC filings stats in 2014: a look back
We take a closer look at the numbers behind the 668,000 filings made to the SEC in 2014.
A big sendoff for Abercrombie’s CEO
Trying to put a dollar figure on Michael Jeffries' exit package from Abercrombie isn't as easy as it seems.