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Herbalife v. Ackman: Who’s manipulating whom?: In the 10-Q that it filed yesterday, Herbalife confirmed a DoJ query and accused short seller Bill Ackman of stock manipulation.
Warning signals in Yelp’s 10-K: On March 2, we put out a Pro report based on Yelp's 10K. That report is now available here for free.
Pier 1’s Not-So Confidential Agreement: Pier 1 is the latest company to file a confidential agreement with the SEC, providing details on its agreement with its former CFO.
Golden parachutes for government service?: A new shareholder proposal by the AFL-CIO questions accelerated vesting for employees at 4 financial services giants who leave to join the government.
An inverse relationship at J.C. Penney: Before he was replaced as CEO, Marvin Ullman was a very avid user of JC Penney's corporate jet for personal travel.
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Symantec Corporation: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Discovery Communications Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Ruckus Wireless Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Intuit Inc.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
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Reading between the lines at Yahoo!: A disclosure in Yahoo's first quarter earnings release seems worth paying closer attention to
2014 10-K meme: A closer look at some of the biggest themes: After reading lots and lots of 10-Ks, we picked up on several themes across companies and across industries.
A closer look at those late 10Ks: We take a closer look at the 26 companies over $500m in market cap that missed last week's 10-K deadline.
A closer look at Yelp’s 10-K: Several new disclosures in Yelp's 10-K filed Friday caught our attention after coming on top of a turbulent year for the company.
More hidden disclosures in earnings: Companies continue to bury all sorts of significant details in their forward-looking statements.
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