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What’s $8m to Google?: What prompted Google to forgive $8m in payments made to former Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora?
GT Technologies warned in August: GT Advanced Technologies most recent Q hinted at serious problems at the company.
Comment letter ahead of BofA’s $8M Fine: A comment letter between the SEC and Bank of America hinted at yesterday's $8m fine.
An unusually special award at Sigma-Aldrich: Days after announcing it was being acquired by Merck, Sigma-Aldrich decided to give its CFO a $500K "special bonus".
Evertec execs line up to enjoy Puerto Rican tax holiday: Evertec execs look to benefit from a relatively new law in Puerto Rico that gives favorable tax treatment to income from stock options.
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Compass Minerals Intl Inc: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Western Gas Partners, LP: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Marriot International: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
SM Energy Co.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
Intel Corp.: Available to footnoted*Pro subscribers only.
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Geo-political worries surface in many 10-Qs: Looking back at second quarter Qs, geo-political unrest dominated the disclosures that we saw in many filings.
Late filers: who didn’t make the 10-Q deadline and why: Each quarter, we take a closer look at those companies that were unable to make the 10-Q deadline. Several companies were newcomers this quarter.
Problems mount at ITT Educational: A late Friday filing by ITT Educational Services raised numerous concerns about the company.
Goodwill amidst the merger machinery: With merger activity running at fevered pitch, regulators seem to be asking a lot more questions about goodwill.
Hidden disclosures in KBR’s Q: Several new disclosures in the 10Q that KBR filed on Thursday caught our attention.
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